300W Wireless Robot Charging Platform Delivers 90% Charging Efficiency

by Carolyn Mathas

Powermat Technologies launched a full-featured wireless charging solution designed to optimize charging efficiency for fleets of service robots, including photovoltaic-powered robots. These robots are often used for commercial cleaning, delivery, warehouse operations, and medical operations, among other situations.

Autonomous service robots are a challenge to keep charged. A direct connection is necessary, and self-docking is often tricky so the robots may not charge properly. This lowers operational efficiency and adds expenses for human intervention and maintenance.

Powermat’s new wireless charging platform for AMRs, however, eliminates the need for direct contact with pogo-pins, delivering 90 percent charging efficiency and enabling flexible charging capabilities. Robots recharge when in proximity to their charging station—no need for accurate alignment or direct contact.

Powermat’s wireless charging supports power transfer over a distance of up to 150mm between receiver and transmitter (Z) and easily integrates with existing robots and future products in development. The platform bridges the gap between magnetic induction and resonance and provides higher power levels over longer distances, more spatial freedom, and data transfer over the wireless power link.

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