65% of Today’s Workforce Is Actively Looking for Another Job

by Carolyn Mathas

Work satisfaction is at an all-time low. More than 65% of people report being dissatisfied with their work and are actively looking to improve their lives, starting with their jobs.

What do leaders need to know, and how can they move forward? According to Michael Sonbert, founder and CEO of Rebel Culture:

  1. Leaders must carry the weight of their team’s expectations and understand their sacred responsibility to provide support and encouragement at every step.
  2. Leaders must understand that self-belief, expertise, and execution drive positive change, while mediocrity makes teams feel left behind.
  3. Leaders must help eliminate confusion through precise and proactive communication, systems, and protocol, enabling everyone to work together.
  4. Leaders must take action, despite the fear of being judged, feeling inadequate, failing, losing valuable team members, or making the wrong decisions.
  5. Leaders must defy the notion that work is supposed to suck, employees should do the bare minimum, and employees must simply tolerate their bosses.
  6. People spend 33% of their lives at work. This time must be meaningful, inspired, and intentional; teams deserve nothing less than this standard.

As current conditions force business leaders to re-evaluate what their organizations will look like moving forward, those who are best able to adapt to these changes, and seize this opportunity for deeper connection and alignment, are the ones who will ultimately thrive when the dust settles.

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