A Safer Cost-effective Alternative to Warehouse Drones

by Carolyn Mathas

Vimaan unveiled its new StorTRACK next-generation in cycle counting technology for warehouse inventory accuracy. StorTRACK scans warehouse shelves, using advanced machine learning to read labels, count inventory, reconcile against a WMS, and generate a visual and digital reconstruction of the warehouse, to achieve 100% inventory accuracy.

While the company was one of the first to introduce and scale indoor drones to capture images of warehouse inventory, after several years of scanning millions of items across Fortune 500 owned warehouses, it claims its StorTRACK platform is a safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective solution. The company no longer believes warehouse environments are a good fit for autonomous drones. Shrink wrap, packaging tape, corrugate, or paper on their shelves and floors can get sucked into the drone’s rotors and cause catastrophic failure, and potentially damage warehouse assets.

Longer Battery Life + Larger Field of View = Faster Cycle Counting with Less Labor.

StorTRACK is a stand-alone hardware module that is lifted and maneuvered by forklifts and order pickers. The unit includes multiple smart cameras and integrated lighting, enabling a field of view 4X larger than a drone for more efficient shelf scanning. It also includes localization and navigation capabilities and a built-in tablet for intuitive real-time guidance to the MHE operator on exactly how to conduct the cycle count. The unit’s battery has a 24x longer charge than a drone.

Besides safety and scan efficiency, other advantages include compatibility with AGVs or autonomous forklifts for a “future-proof” path to truly safe and scalable 100% autonomous cycle counting. It enables on-demand cycle counting and rapid scans of an entire warehouse, which is necessary for quarterly or annual physical audits.┬áIt is also more cost-effective.


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