AI-Powered RiskGPT for Real-Time Risk Mitigation

by Carolyn Mathas

Overhaul has added AI to its platform to advance prediction, prevention, and response to in-transit shipment risk. They claim that RiskGPT will exponentially improve incident response times and accuracy while providing corrective courses of action in real-time, reducing cargo theft risk.

Overhaul estimates that $1.2 trillion in cargo value will move through its platform in 2023. RiskGPT enables users to instantly and intuitively process high-risk events to better manage and mitigate a higher volume of risks.

Cargo theft is growing. For example, full truckload cargo theft rose by 37 percent in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the last part of 2021. Rising rapidly since the beginning of the pandemic, cargo theft is a $35-billion industry.

RiskGPT is available through Overhaul’s partnership with Microsoft and the Microsoft Supply Chain Center. Using its own data in conjunction with the Azure OpenAI Service Studio, Overhaul continuously fine-tunes the language model to offer unique and personalized results for each supply chain. Users receive the advanced language AI capabilities needed and Azure’s security and enterprise promise. RiskGPT will be available to an early-access user group shortly, and Overhaul will bring forward customer-facing capabilities later this year. Request a demo of RiskGPT to see how it can address supply chain visibility needs.

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