AI Robotics by Mech-Mind Used by More Than 110 Logistics Firms in 2020

by Carolyn Mathas

Mech-Mind Robotics claims that its AI helped increase operational efficiency for over 110 partners in logistics during 2020. The company focused on making industrial robots ‘smart’ by using deep learning and 3D vision.

A recent report by Logistics IQ estimates an expected compound annual growth rate of 14% worldwide for logistics automation, reaching $ US 30 billion by 2026.

Logistics picking activities are becoming more complex with mixed-carton palletizing and depalletizing, order picking, and parcel loading.

Mech-Mind offers universal platform products, which include Mech-Eye Industrial 3D Camera, Mech-Vision Graphical Machine Vision Software, and Mech-Viz Intelligent Robot Programming Environment. Various typical smart applications in actual logistics scenarios can be used by non-experts in just days. Mech-Mind enables a low threshold for robot operators and the software control process completely code-free. Mech-Mind’s software supports secondary development, creating flexibility for engineers.

In addition to logistics firms, Mech-Mind serves manufacturing as well with such applications as machine tending, high-accuracy locating, gluing, and assembly in automotive, steel, and machinery. Mech-Mind Robotics increases the usability of industrial robots through utilizing cutting-edge technologies of 3D vision and motion planning to allow them to observe their environment and then make refined decisions and adjustments through a process of deep learning. For more information, please visit

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