AMETEK Acquires Three Companies: Magnetrol International, Crank Software, EGS Automation

by Nicolette Emmino

AMETEK has today announced the completion of three acquisitions – Magnetrol International, Crank Software and EGS Automation (EGS).

What they bring to AMETEK:

– Magnetrol International Expands AMETEK’s Leading Level Measurement Solutions

– Crank Software Provides Leading Graphical User Interface Design Capabilities

– EGS Automation Enhances AMETEK Dunkermotoren’s Automation Solutions Portfolio

Approximately $270 million was deployed on these acquisitions which have combined annual sales of approximately $120 million.

“We are pleased to welcome the Magnetrol, Crank Software and EGS teams to AMETEK,” commented David A. Zapico, AMETEK Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Each of these businesses provide AMETEK with unique capabilities which strategically expand our presence in attractive growth areas. We continue to strengthen our portfolio through the acquisition of market-leading businesses with innovative, advanced technology solutions. We are pleased with this recent acquisition activity and continue to manage an active deal pipeline with exciting opportunities for growth.”

Magnetrol and Crank Software join AMETEK as part of its Electronic Instruments Group (EIG) – a leader in advanced analytical, monitoring, testing, calibrating and display instruments. EGS Automation joins AMETEK’s Electromechanical Group (EMG) – a differentiated supplier of thermal management systems, and automation and engineered solutions.

Headquartered in Aurora, IllinoisMagnetrol is a leading provider of level and flow control solutions for challenging process applications across a diverse set of end markets including medical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, food and beverage, and general industrial. Magnetrol’s portfolio of mission-critical products are designed to optimize processes, maximize yields, and ensure safety.

“Magnetrol is an excellent acquisition for AMETEK and nicely complements our Sensors, Test and Calibration (STC) business,” added Mr. Zapico. “Combined, Magnetrol and STC become an industry leading, differentiated sensor platform with a broad range of level and flow measurement solutions.”

Crank Software
Headquartered in Ottawa, CanadaCrank Software is a leading provider of embedded graphical user interface (GUI) software and services. Storyboard – the company’s flagship offering – is a premier, innovative solution that enables the design and development of customized user experiences in a wide range of embedded products. Crank Software also offers a unique and customizable set of professional services that takes customers from concept to completion in their GUI design and development cycle.

“Crank Software is an exciting acquisition for AMETEK and an excellent addition to our growing portfolio of software solutions,” continued Mr. Zapico. “Their award-winning Storyboard platform and service capabilities are positioned well to capitalize on the accelerating demand for smart, digitally enabled devices across a variety of end markets.”

EGS Automation
Headquartered in Donaueschingen, GermanyEGS is an automation solutions provider that designs and manufactures highly engineered, customized robotic solutions used in critical applications for the medical, food and beverage, and general industrial markets.

“EGS nicely complements our AMETEK Dunkermotoren business with highly customizable engineering design and automation capabilities,” commented Mr. Zapico. “The combination of EGS and Dunkermotoren provides a broader suite of automation solutions and expands our presence in this attractive market.”

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