App Designed Enables Global Talent Pool to Generate AI Training Data On-the-Go

by Robyn Bonavita

 Pactera EDGE, a digital solution provider for the data-driven, intelligent enterprise, announced today that its popular AI training-needs platform, OneForma, is now available as a downloadable app. The new app will allow Pactera EDGE’s global network of trained freelance contractors, who call themselves “OneFormers”, to apply for jobs, become certified, and submit content – through the convenience of their mobile device.

The app’s release couldn’t come at a better time, as a data collection boom continues to be spurred on by hungry AI Models looking for “clean” and accurate data sets that will deliver authentic results. OneForma is an enterprise-grade and fully customizable platform that manages the training data sets that power the next generation of AI-powered solutions.

Now through the OneForma app, Pactera EDGE offers a global workforce a host of jobs including Classification, Testing, and Speech/Photo/Video Collection as well as collecting and labeling data from a variety of sources (photos, videos, voice recordings, etc) in over 250 languages.

“At the heart of all successful business-critical, AI projects is the use of, what we call, “human-in-the-loop” data sets,” said Jonas Ryberg, Senior Vice President of Digital Globalization Solutions. “The new OneForma app will make it easier and more convenient for our trained, and in most cases certified, global talent to assist in the collection and verification of the sounds and images so that OneForma’s data sets are correctly recognized, culturally accurate, and free of bias.”

The app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Source: Pactera EDGE’s New OneForma App Makes the Creation of AI Data Sets More Convenient Than Ever (

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