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Blockchain Targets Efficiency and Transparency in Global Mobility Supply Chain

by Carolyn Mathas

Mobility requires a fast, safe, accurate and secure supply chain.¬† MOBI’s Supply Chain (SC) Working Group released blockchain-based standards to facilitate these requirements. The standards were created to provide vehicle OEMs and ecosystem stakeholders the ability to create a comprehensive, industry-wide,¬†secure data management system that can be used for greater visibility into their global supply chain.

Given that complex global systems can lead to fragmentation and cause challenges including a heightened risk for disruptions, a blockchain-based solution inspired MOBI to create its Supply Chain (SC) Working Group. The Group is tasked with enabling secure data exchange and enhancing parts tracking and traceability from raw material through production, use, and end of life.

The SC Working Group is chaired by Ford, with support from Accenture, AWS, Arxum, Autodata, CEVT, DENSO, DLT Labs, Fifth-9, Honda, IBM, IOTA Foundation, ITOCHU,

With blockchain as a trust anchor, SC Standards allow for the sharing of data and participation in multi-party use cases, maintaining privacy and confidentiality in peer-to-peer communications. The standards also include decentralized parts identifiers to facilitate two-way traceability along the supply chain, especially important for the growing EV battery market. You can read the MOBI Supply Chain Standards at

Original Release: PR Newswire

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