Can Reshoring Computer Manufacturing to the U.S. Revitalize Our Economy?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated weaknesses in supply chains, logistics, and manufacturing systems worldwide. Many companies had narrow supply chains with no redundancy and when they could no longer procure the products they needed to do business, that business ground to a sudden stop.

According to PlanetMagpie, the decades-long export of tech manufacturing may be at an end.

“What America needs right now is a ‘big goal.’ Something to drive action in our economy, spur job growth, and put us back on track. We have an opportunity like that in front of us,” says Robert Douglas of PlanetMagpie.

The company’s new report, “A Call to America: Let’s Return Tech Manufacturing to the U.S.” supports his claim. Containing over 35 arguments backed by facts and statistics, the free downloadable PDF sends out a call to tech influencers, manufacturers, and government officials, charging them with the mission to restore tech manufacturing.

The topic of reshoring isn’t new. Senators and nonprofits have championed this effort for years. Among them is Reshoring Initiative, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to return “well-paying manufacturing jobs back to the United States by assisting companies to more accurately assess their total cost of offshoring…”

They offer resources, hold events, and offer consulting services for business owners that want to bring jobs back to America. They even offer a free estimator tool, the Total Cost of Ownership Estimator®, to help business owners account for all of the relevant factors when considering reshoring.

PlanetMagpie’s report includes:

  • 7 ways to make “Reshoring” affordable, more efficient, and welcomed by the public
  • 10 direct economic benefits, from local to national levels
  • Proof that outsourcing to China hurts American citizens
  • 6 action steps everyone can take to encourage the reshoring process

For more information or to download the “Call to Reshore” report:

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