Canadian Supply Chains Will be Largely Unchanged Post-Pandemic

by Carolyn Mathas

According to The Conference Board of Canada research, Canadian businesses do not plan to change their supply chain designs based on pandemic-induced supply chain issues.

The research shows that they aren’t feeling the pressure that the U.S. feels due to the domestic nature of their supply chains. Despite pandemic-induced disruptions, the pressure to localize may not be a significant factor for Canadian businesses because of the domestic nature of their supply chains.

Key findings include:

  • 90 to 95% of respondents already have production and distribution sites in Canada
  • 80% of Canadian businesses that source services, 76% that source raw materials, and 60% sourcing semi-finished or finished products intend to maintain their current sourcing locations
  • Approximately 26% of Canadian businesses say technology will not impact their supply chain design, while only 11% of non-Canadian companies agree.
  • Artificial intelligence and big data analytics are the top technologies influencing future supply chain design

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