Co-Packaged Optics Components Set to Surge

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Communications Industry Researchers (CIR) released its report, “Markets for Co-Packaged Optics 2022-2030,” predicting that sales of specialized components for co-packaged optics (CPO) will surpass $1.3 billion in 2025. They also suggest the market will grow an additional $1.4 billion, exceeding $2.7 billion by 2028.

You can find an excerpt of this report here.

The report closely examines the latest developments in connectivity, lasers, and cooling systems for CPO. It also details how four types of data centers will use CPO modules. The forecast organizes the data by types of data centers and locations within the data center itself.

CIP shares tech and geopolitical impacts on optoelectronics supply chains and looks at key companies in the industry, such as AMD, Anritsu, IBM, TE Connectivity, Xilinx, and others.

From the Report

  • Senko Advanced Components demonstrated the commercial potential of CPO components when they acquired Cudoform, specifically for access to Cudoform’s micro-mirror connector in a CPO application. Other CPO components in immediate demand include cooling systems and external lasers. 
  • Intel researchers also recently demonstrated an eight-wavelength silicon laser array that Intel believes can be integrated into a CPO package.
  • Large deployments of CPO systems may not occur until 2027, but CPO module manufacturers are already buying critical CPO components; a couple of years in advance. CPO components will be the first big opportunity in the coming CPO revolution.
  • Demand for CPO components will spur manufacturing to meet the demanding requirements for tight-spaced packaging and hard-to-integrate photonics. The goal of Intel’s research laser array is specifically a high-volume chiplet-product. Among those increasingly focused on CPO are merchant silicon firms leveraging the latest silicon photonics technology to exploit this opportunity.


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