Conveyco Introduces RightFIT Methodology for Warehouse Operations

by Ruth Seeley

A new seven-step method to transform warehouse and distribution center operations from overhead to profit centers is now available from Conveyco Technology. Designed to provide immediate impact and long-term reduction of supply chain operational costs, the new RightFIT™ methodology includes:

  1. Deep dive data analysis
  2. Design Objectives
  3. Alternative Analysis
  4. Business Case
  5. Clear Path to Success
  6. Execution Roadmap
  7. Life Cycle Nexus

By performing a comprehensive data deep dive analysis, creating models that illustrate a 360-degree understanding of the existing state of the four walls within an operation and incorporate the nuances that make an organization unique and loved by its customers, you have the foundation to build success. Next, the organization’s strategic goals and metrics are applied to identify the shape and scale of systems, processes, and resources required to meet future demands.

By understanding the current metrics required to define success of the future state, an evaluation of technologies, concepts and configurations is conducted. An emphasis is placed on a solution that optimizes people, processes and systems. In fact, alternative solutions are reviewed and analyzed to determine the very best fit for an organization’s requirements.

Using an outcome-based approach and RightFIT methodology generates a business case focused on delivering the solution’s benefits, accommodating growth and flexibility and allowing a phased capital investment. A clear path to success is set and defined by creating a holistic vision that aligns the scope of work with all available resources. An execution roadmap is set which includes process documentation to hardware and software integration, phased realization testing and go-live extensive training.

The final step is the creation of the life cycle nexus. By working together with client partners to keep system up time and performance at peak efficiencies, accountability is enhanced along with the ability to move beyond the old design build paradigm. This allows the RightFIT methodology to help exceed clients’ ever-changing and increasing demands.  

Source:  Conveyco Technologies

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