Coronavirus Impact Not Yet Reflected in Global Semiconductor Sales Data: SIA

by Ruth Seeley

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) laid out several priorities in its 2020 Policy Priorities document. Top of the list were expanded access to global markets, increased federal investments in semiconductor research and minimizing burdens on exports of commercial semiconductors while strengthening America’s technology workforce.

Protection of IP, keeping the U.S. tax system globally competitive while supporting sustainability and combating counterfeit semiconductors while fostering the growth of new technologies and enhancing supply chain security while managing risk were the industry association’s other priorities for Congress and the Administration. 

Recently, the SIA also announced that worldwide sales of semiconductors totalled $104.6 billion during the first quarter of 2020. First-quarter sales decreased 3.6% compared to the previous quarter, which is in line with typical seasonal trends, and increased 6.9% compared to the first quarter of 2019. Global sales for the month of March 2020 were $34.9 billion, an increase of 0.9% compared to the previous month’s total and 6.9% more than sales from March 2019. Monthly sales are compiled by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization and represent a three-month moving average. SIA represents 95% of the U.S. semiconductor industry by revenue and nearly two-thirds of non-U.S. chip firms.

“First-quarter global semiconductor sales slipped somewhat compared to the fourth quarter of 2019, but monthly totals for March increased month-to-month and year-to-year, indicating the available sales data has not yet fully captured the impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis,” said John Neuffer, SIA president and CEO. “Ongoing macroeconomic turmoil related to the pandemic has caused significant uncertainty for the global semiconductor market that is likely to persist in the months ahead.”

Regionally, month-to-month sales increased in Europe (4.0%), Asia Pacific/All Other (2.2%), and the Americas (1.1%), but decreased in China (-0.2%) and Japan (-2.1%). Sales increased year-to-year in the Americas (21.8%), Asia Pacific/All Other (4.6%), China (4.5%), and Japan (1.0%), but fell slightly in Europe (-1.1%).

The 2020 SIA Factbook is available for download.

March 2020
Month-to-Month Sales                              
Market Last Month Current Month % Change
Americas 7.29 7.37 1.1%
Europe 3.26 3.39 4.0%
Japan 2.94 2.88 -2.1%
China 11.55 11.52 -0.2%
Asia Pacific/All Other 9.48 9.68 2.2%
Total 34.53 34.85 0.9%
Year-to-Year Sales                         
Market Last Year Current Month % Change
Americas 6.05 7.37 21.8%
Europe 3.43 3.39 -1.1%
Japan 2.85 2.88 1.0%
China 11.03 11.52 4.5%
Asia Pacific/All Other 9.26 9.68 4.6%
Total 32.62 34.85 6.9%
Three-Month-Moving Average Sales
Market Oct/Nov/Dec Jan/Feb/Mar % Change
Americas 7.53 7.37 -2.1%
Europe 3.21 3.39 5.7%
Japan 3.05 2.88 -5.6%
China 12.77 11.52 -9.8%
Asia Pacific/All Other 9.60 9.68 0.8%
Total 36.17 34.85 -3.6%

Source: Semiconductor Industry Association

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