Datadog Observability Pipeline Provides Data Control and Scalability

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Datadog, Inc. launches “Datadog Observability Pipelines,” a tool to help organizations control their data and scale their observability practices.

The vast amount of data that organizations must deal with every month can cause many reliability issues, technology lock-in, security risks, and runaway costs. The Pipeline tool will provide a unified view to control and monitor the flow of infrastructure and metrics before the data leaves their environment, enhancing visibility into what they’re spending and where, what tools they are leveraging, and who has access to what information. This visibility will allow customers to manage costs, reduce tech lock-in, improve compliance, standardize data quality, and ultimately, scale their observability practices.

Datadog Observability Pipelines helps IT and security teams affordably manage and scale observability with complete flexibility and control over how their logs, metrics, and traces are collected, transformed, and routed. This helps organizations:

  • Control Costs: Aggregate, filter, and route all observability data based on use case without compromising visibility
  • Simplify Migrations and Reduce Lock-In: Orchestrate and monitor data processing from any source to any destination in one unified view
  • Protect Sensitive Data: Filter, redact and monitor sensitive data before it leaves your network to meet compliance requirements better
  • Enforce Data Quality: Standardize the format of logs, metrics, and traces to improve observability across teams
  • Scale with Confidence: Scale seamlessly with a product powered by Vector, a vendor-agnostic, open source project and engaged community with millions of monthly downloads that is deployed in production by enterprises processing petabytes of data every month
  • Easily Collect and Route Data: Observability Pipelines comes with more than 80 out-of-the-box integrations so organizations can quickly and easily collect and route data to any of the tools their teams already use without disrupting existing workflows

Datadog Observability Pipelines is generally available now. For more information, please visit:

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