DHL’s Logistics Trend Radar Recognizes Plus One Robotics

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DHL updates its Logistics Trend Radar every two years. Newly redesigned, the tool tracks global social, business, and tech trends and predicts their impact on logistics and supply chains worldwide.

They found the PickOne induction solution under Stationary Robots – Robotic Picking and Placing highly relevant and impactful to the future of logistics. DHL also recognized Yonder under Remote Work & Teleportation for its human-in-the-loop capabilities for remotely protecting logistics operations from disruption.

 PickOne’s induction solution uses AI to identify objects for pick-and-place applications. When AI cannot identify an object, a human teleoperator receives an alert message via Yonder. The operator can then use the robotic arm from a remote service center. The AI system learns from this intervention to further improve its capabilities if similar situations occur in the future, helping to minimize downtime.

According to Trend Radar, this AI-human collaboration indicates the potential to create new jobs through the widespread implementation of robotic solutions in warehouses and manufacturing environments by upskilling existing labor.

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