Emotibot Raises Another $45 Million for Bot Factory

by Ruth Seeley

AI technology-driven companies have to combine algorithmic research with product engineering. They also need to develop products on a large-scale and need to be able to go to market in an efficient and scalable fashion.

Recently, four-year-old Shanghai-based Emotibot completed a $45-million series B+ financing and will continue to roll out its Bot Factory platform to both B2B and B2C customers. The machine-learning based robot composite applications development suite lets customers like Huawei, Oppo, China Mobile, SF Express, and VIP Shop build chatbots with no coding required.

Emotibot has created a set of multi-use case human-device interactive technology solutions combining voice, semantics, and emotional understanding to provide an intelligent, interactive and human-like experience. Emotibot wants to focus on all three human-device interaction channels: voice, text, and vision and hopes to capture major market share in NLP and Emotional Intelligence. It’s also developed a full-blown machine-learning based Conversational AI platform called Bot Factory, which provides easy-to-customize chatbot applications with a powerful and flexible chatbot platform, tools, and development studio. Customers will be able to quickly build and deploy machine learning-based chatbot applications with no coding required. The platform consists of core NLP, Conversational AI, and Artificial Emotional Intelligence technologies, as well as all of the foundational components of NLP, Multi-Turn Contextual Dialog Flow Management, Intent Engine, Knowledge and Inference Engine, Emotion Engine, ASR & TTS. 

With the new funding, Emotibot will invest in:

  • Innovating and evolving NLP and Artificial Emotional Computing technologies for multiple languages and developing virtual assistants with more advanced multimodal interaction; and
  • Developing a partner ecosystem and establishing a channel partner network to expand the NLP and Multimodal applications market share, accelerating the standardization of Bot Factory platform to empower partners to develop and deploy AI solutions for both large and medium sized companies across industries.

Source: Emotibot 

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