Everpeaks Logistics Enables Global Brands to Penetrate Southeast Asian Markets

by Carolyn Mathas

Everpeaks just launched Fulfilment by Everpeaks (FBE), a duty-free, ecommerce integrated warehousing and fulfillment solution that integrates marketplaces and websites to connect brand owners and manufacturers directly to consumers. Global brands can now tap into new markets as global sellers achieve instant Southeast Asian market access.

The FBE technology platform provides brand owners and manufacturers with platform-agnostic omnichannel inventory management features that integrate with such platforms as Shopify, Lazada, Shopee, and eBay, amongst others. The solution centralizes orders, tracks inventory, and automates order fulfillment, so that sellers create shipping plans, send shipments to the FBE Warehouse, and track shipments.

FBE is a gateway for brands to penetrate into Southeast Asia through necessary digital infrastructure and a pay-as-you-use distribution hub, providing international brands with flexible duty-free storage capacity. The COVID-19 pandemic overhauled consumer purchasing behavior globally, causing ecommerce to rise and drive a permanent shift in fulfillment and warehouse management technology. FBE eases end-to-end fulfillment operations so that businesses grow without logistical restraints.

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