First Blockchain OS Launched by Prasaga

by Carolyn Mathas

Prasaga, creator of the DataGrid Blockchain, just launched a testnet of the eXtensible Blockchain Object Model on HyperLedger Fabric on XBOM.IO. XBOM is an object-oriented GlobalOS for HyperLedger, the system used in leading operating systems including Windows and MacOS X.

Designed to take Blockchain and make it substantially easier for developers to use, XBOM provides them with an object-oriented GlobalOS for HyperLedger, the open-source collaborative hosted by The Linux Foundation to advance blockchain technologies.

The XBOM “Class Manager Infrastructure,” interacts with underlying infrastructure, such as a fabric network. Since the infrastructure handles the blockchain aspect, XBOM is called a decentralized GlobalOS, so it is an OS on top of the blockchain.

Code can be loaded dynamically without having to restart the Hyperledger Fabric chain. In supply chain applications, suppliers with multiple OEMs and manufacturers using proprietary supply chain environments can use the same backend across all, reducing operation costs to lower-tier companies.

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