First Counterbalanced Lift Truck with a Factory-Integrated Lithium-ion Battery Pack

by Nicolette Emmino

The pace of change keeps accelerating, with increased performance standards and strengthened government regulations pushing materials handling companies to innovate.

Yale Materials Handling featured two products at the ProMat show this week:  the first counterbalanced lift truck with a factory-integrated lithium-ion battery pack and a concept vehicle featuring its next-generation power chassis.

Designing the Yale® ERPVL around a space-saving lithium-ion battery pack reduces truck weight, enabling better acceleration and reduced energy consumption compared to heavier lead-acid battery alternatives. The smaller size of the lithium-ion battery opens space under the seat for improved access and convenience while entering the truck and driving. The truck delivers all the benefits associated with lithium-ion power, including zero battery maintenance requirements and opportunity charging with no negative memory effects.

The concept vehicle’s next-generation chassis is compatible with any motive power source, including hydrogen fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries, internal-combustion engines and more. This flexibility offers customers the power source of their choice while standardizing designs to ease adoption and provide the best value. The chassis also provides key ergonomic advantages, designed for visibility, comfort and easy access.

“Our industry is changing faster than ever, presenting our customers with new challenges and forcing them to explore fresh approaches to make their operations more efficient,” says Martin Boyd, Vice President, Product Planning and Solutions. “These two cutting-edge trucks exemplify our commitment to providing customers with a lift truck power solutions built completely around their needs.”

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