Garland and Nozomi Networks Defend Against OT and IoT Cyberattacks

by Carolyn Mathas

Garland Technology and Nozomi Networks entered into a partnership to unify visibility and security across managed and unmanaged IoT devices for critical industrial networks worldwide.

Industrial operational technology (OT) networks are vulnerable to cyberattacks through IoT connections and the convergence with traditional IT networks. The partnership solution enables complete connectivity, visibility, and cyber resilience across distributed networks. Any changes in the network are quickly discovered for the response to cyber threats, risks, and anomalies.

The solutions are especially important for networks that are prone to small spaces, vibration, extreme temperatures, DC power, data diode requirements, and fast Ethernet connections. Applications include advanced utilities, oil and gas facilities, automotive, and other industrial infrastructures. Able to collect data across all locations, the solution delivers a centralized source of aggregated networking information from Garland’s solutions. Nozomi Networks Guardian delivers network visualization, asset inventory, vulnerability assessment, and threat detection in a single application, for effective connectivity across OT and IT teams.

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