Geek+ and Universal Logic Team Up to Elevate Industry 4.0

by Carolyn Mathas

Geek+, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and warehouse automation provider and Universal Logic, AI/sensor/machine-control software “brain” for robots, recently announced a partnership. The goal is to support the manufacturing and logistics industry with a goods-to-robot solution to automate supply chain operations and elevate industry 4.0.

Fixed automation and manual materials handling still represent a large part of the industry. The demand for customization and made-to-stock capabilities are straining the status-quo. The solution is to automate the flexibility and precision of skilled labor and combine it with the throughput capacity of dynamic inventory control.

The partnership gives Universal Logic access to Geek+’s robotics hardware for intelligent sorting and picking. Geek+ will provide the flexibility to automate the entire chain from dynamic inventory control to pick & pack, moving from goods-to-man to goods-to-robot solutions. Geek+ will access Universal Logic’s AI platform with real-time and modular robot control for extended perception, direct grasping, and advanced robot guidance, enabling human-like flexible picking capabilities, unleashing greater potential of intelligent robotics for logistics. The partnership will allow businesses to have stable and reliable supply chain operations.

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