Google Cloud: End-to-End Visibility with New Supply Chain Twin

by Carolyn Mathas

Google Cloud just launched Supply Chain Twin, enabling companies to build a digital twin of their physical supply chain by orchestrating supply chain data from enterprise business systems, partners, and public sources. The result is a more complete view of suppliers, inventories, and other information. A Supply Chain Pulse module, also announced, is used with the Supply Chain Twin for real-time dashboards, advanced analytics, alerts on critical issues like potential disruptions, and collaboration in Google Workspace.

Supply Chain Twin allows companies to bring together data from multiple sources, yet uses less partner integration time than traditional API-based integration. So far, some customers experienced a 95% reduction in analytics processing time, with times for some dropping from 2.5 hours down to eight minutes.

Once Supply Chain Twin is used, the Supply Chain Pulse module enables further visibility, simulations, and collaboration features including real-time visibility and advanced analytics, alert-driven event management and collaboration and AI-driven optimization and simulation.

Supply Chain Twin is deployed by working directly with Google Cloud’s partner ecosystem and data partners can augment Supply Chain Twin by providing geospatial, sustainability, and risk management data sets for a more complete macro-environment view. Application partners provide information from their platforms into Supply Chain Twin to understand product lifecycles, track shipments across carriers, and predict ETAs.

Supply Chain Twin and the Twin Pulse module are available in Preview. For more information on Supply Chain Twin, visit here.

Original Release: PR Newswire

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