Hazmat Labels for Extreme Conditions Now Available from Labelmaster

by Ruth Seeley

Compliance with complex and ever-changing regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods and hazardous materials requires vigilance that begins with labeling to ensure safe handling.

Labelmaster, a Chicago-based provider of products, services and technology for the safe and compliant transport of dangerous goods (DG) and hazardous materials (hazmat), has recently released hazmat labels, placards and marks designed to endure extreme conditions, including cold, ultraviolet, and solvent exposure as well as wet and oily surfaces. They can endure harsh supply chain conditions without fading, deteriorating or lifting.

“Dangerous goods labels, placards and marks contain vital information for content identification, warning and instructional labeling, but often fail when exposed to extreme conditions,” said Alan Schoen, president, Labelmaster. “Labelmaster’s new labels, placards and marks are designed specifically to withstand the harsh supply chain conditions that dangerous goods face.”

Made to suit specific customer needs, these labels can withstand exposure to a wide range of elements and substances, including:

  • Cold Environments: With material designed for cryogenic laboratories, these labels, placards and marks adhere in temperatures as low as -320°F without lifting – even with repeated changes in the surrounding temperature. They are perfect for cold chain operations, food and beverage, medical products, pharma, and logistics and warehousing in cold climates.
  • Oily Surfaces: Featuring adhesive backing that absorbs oil, these labels, placards and marks adhere directly to lubricated surfaces – textured or smooth – without having to be cleaned or degreased. They are perfect for automotive, oil and gas, waste/waste management, cosmetics, food and beverage, transport equipment, chemical manufacturing and paints and coatings.
  • Wet Surfaces: A high-tack, rubber-based adhesive keeps these labels adhered in wet, damp and cold conditions. They also stay stuck to low- and high-energy substrates and can be applied from 10°F to 150°F. They are perfect for food and beverage, health and beauty, household chemical labeling or any outdoor application.
  • Solvent Exposure: Designed to stand up to the harshest conditions for extended periods, these labels, placards and marks offer superior chemical and abrasion resistance, while also resisting acids, humidity, high temperatures and UV exposure. They are perfect for automotive, oil and gas, chemical manufacturing and paints and coatings.
  • Ultraviolet Exposure: These labels’ topcoat resists fading and deterioration for up to two years, and offers superior resistance to acids, moisture and solvents from -40°F to 257°F. They are perfect for any environment where containers endure prolonged exposure to the elements.

Source: Labelmaster

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