Hearables Amplify Benefits for Audio Apps

by Nicolette Emmino

Wearable technologies known as “hearables” have the potential to significantly change our lives in regards to mobile connectivity, audio enhancement, biometric monitoring, and communications.

“Numerous wearable technology products have been introduced in recent years that integrate smart electronics into accessories like watches, various clothing fabrics, or even subcutaneous implants. Many of these wearable technology products are capable of connecting to computer networks, enabling data to be exchanged between the network and the device, then analyzed. Wearable technology has gained market traction in devices such as smartphones and smartwatches that integrate computers, wireless networks, and communication devices together with a variety of miniaturized sensors and transducers. These wearable devices enable applications such as mobile communication, activity monitoring (e.g., fitness and sleep), biometric measurement (e.g., heart rate, temperature, and oxygen consumption), navigation, and geolocation.”


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