Honeywell Robotic Depalletizer Boosts Productivity, Reduces Injuries

by Carolyn Mathas

Given the labor shortage, Honeywell announced a timely robotics solution that combines machine learning and gripping technology to unload pallets. The Smart Flexible Depalletizer minimizes risk and injury for warehouse employees. The solution does not require pre-programming or operator intervention.

According to Honeywell, medium- to large-sized distribution centers unpack up to several thousand pallets daily. The robotic arm of their solution is guided by advanced vision and perception features, allowing cases to be picked from a single- or mixed-SKU pallet.

Advanced machine learning and motion planning optimizes the movements of the robotic arm to ensure maximum picking speed and efficiency. Control logic senses the weight of each item as the robot lifts it and automatically updates its gripping response to transfer each product securely and effectively. The longer it operates, the more it learns and improves.

Original release: PR Newswire

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