How does an API increase productivity for buyers?

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Quoting can be one of the longest portions of your day. Entering each part manually, along with needed quantity, specs, and other considerations consumes so much time.

Fortunately, there are solutions available to get some time back and increase your productivity. With API search, your information is integrated from your system and saved for quicker and reliable access to your data. Typically, when you order through the Mouser website, you might experience some “human error” and enter the incorrect part numbers or quantity needed. With API ordering, the system remembers your previous order history and streamlines the process.

So, what perks come along with automation? You’ll no longer need to enter orders manually, avoiding additional steps. This means no more checking to make sure specs and data are correct.

An API removes the additional stress. If there is more than one buyer on your team, you might find that you’ve entered the same order without knowing. An API will notify you if an order has been placed. This eliminates any return processes or extra stock hidden in your storage area. By using an API, your time is cut in half. This means more time to focus on everything else on your to-do list. The Mouser API is user friendly, so even if you’re new to the industry, the program will be easy to learn.

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