IBM and Rapidus Partner on Advanced Semi Technology and Ecosystem in Japan

by Carolyn Mathas

IBM and Rapidus created a development partnership to advance logic scaling technology as part of Japan’s initiatives to become a global leader in semiconductor technology. The companies will further develop IBM’s breakthrough 2 nanometer (nm) node technology for implementation by Rapidus at its fab in Japan. IBM unveiled the world’s first 2 nm node chip in 2021. They project 45% better performance or 75% more energy efficiency than leading 7 nm chips.

Under the agreement, Rapidus scientists and engineers will work alongside IBM Japan and IBM researchers at the Albany NanoTech Complex, one of the world’s most advanced semiconductor research facilities. Rapidus is the latest entity to join the Albany NanoTech Complex ecosystem and includes IBM, Applied Materials, Samsung Electronics, Tokyo Electron, SCREEN, JSR, the State University of New York (SUNY), and others.

Rapidus plans to deploy differentiated manufacturing strategies to ensure market speed and competitiveness. This 2 nm technology is intended to be market-leading and will be compatible with industry-standard offerings. Rapidus expects to start mass production of its 2 nm technology in the latter half of the decade.

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