IBM Unveils 400 Qubit-Plus Quantum Processor and Next-Gen IBM Quantum System Two

by Rae Beyer

IBM has a lot to talk about at the IBM Quantum Summit 2022. They announced breakthrough advancements in quantum hardware and software and discussed their vision for quantum-centric supercomputing.

IBM Quantum System Two

According to the company, the 433 qubit ‘Osprey’ processor brings IBM closer to tackling previously unsolvable problems. The chip will be foundational for the coming era of quantum-centric supercomputing. At the Summit, IBM unveiled the following:

‘IBM Osprey,’ a new 433-quantum bit (qubit) processor

IBM Osprey has the largest qubit count of any IBM quantum processor, more than tripling the 127 qubits on the IBM Eagle processor unveiled in 2021.

New quantum software addresses error correction and mitigation

Addressing noise in quantum computers is vital to the adoption of the technology. IBM released a beta update to Qiskit Runtime, which includes allowing users to trade speed for reduced error count with a simple option in the API, making it easier for users to incorporate quantum computing into their workflows and speed up the development of quantum applications.

IBM Quantum System Two update – IBM’s next-generation quantum system.

IBM updated the details of the new IBM Quantum System Two, designed to be modular and flexible, combining multiple processors into a single system with communication links. This system is targeted to be online by the end of 2023 and will be a building block of quantum-centric supercomputing.

New IBM Quantum Safe technology:  protecting systems and data against a potential future quantum computer capable of decrypting today’s security standards is critical. From offering the z16 system with quantum-safe technology to contributing algorithms in connection with the NIST goal for standardization by 2024, IBM offers technology and services with these security capabilities.

Client & Ecosystem Expansion: IBM also announced today that German conglomerate Bosch has joined the IBM Quantum Network to explore a variety of quantum use cases. Other recent additions to the network include Vodafone,  Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, and the Swiss innovation campus uptownBasel.

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