JASCI Announces Autonomous Warehouse Technology to Power Robotics Globally

JASCI Autonomous Warehouse Powers Robotics Globally

by Carolyn Mathas

JASCI Software announced ALIDA (Autonomous Labor Intelligent Dynamic Assignment) designed to manage staff and robots interactively in a warehouse setting. ALIDA decreases dependency on labor and delivers greater speed, efficiency and accuracy. It automates decisions, orchestrating tasks for staff and robots throughout the warehouse from inbound to outbound in real-time.

Expectations are that 4 million robots will be deployed in over 50% of all warehouses by 2025. ALIDA leverages JASCI’s next-gen workflow technology, so that robotic solutions are easier to employ without custom coding projects. With over 650+ SmartTask workflows out of the box, customers leverage workflows with staff and robots interchangeably. JASCI recently acquired NextShift robotics https://nextshiftrobotics.com/.

Original Release: PR Newswire

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