LightInTheBox Adds Free Medical Face Masks to DHL and FedEx Shipments

by Ruth Seeley

While the WHO is still only recommending those treating people with coronavirus or those displaying symptoms wear masks, the need for medical face masks to be worn by healthcare providers treating COVID-19 patients is still crucial as they have to be replaced when moving from patient to patient.

Recently, LightInTheBox Holding Co. announced that it is adding packs of medical face masks to parcels shipped via DHL or FedEx to customers in North America and Europe free of charge to help those in need as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates globally. The Beijing-based cross-border e-commerce platform that delivers products directly to consumers around the world estimates it will ship one million free medical face masks in the coming week.

As soon as COVID-19 started to spread globally, LightinTheBox began working with suppliers and factories across China to secure a sizable stock of medical face masks, safety goggles and other personal protection and health monitoring devices. With the pandemic accelerating faster than expected globally, many people still face difficulties in obtaining protective medical supplies. LightinTheBox is leveraging its innovative logistics network and strong relationships with suppliers to creatively distribute free masks to those in need across North America and Europe.

“This is a crisis we are facing together and I believe it is our collective duty to help in any way we can,” commented Mr. Jian He, Chief Executive Officer of LightInTheBox. “In order to ensure masks are distributed in a timely manner, we have begun adding free packs of medical face masks to parcels that are sent via DHL or FedEx to North America or Europe. Each pack has a sticker label on it that says ‘Please share with people who may need them’. Parcels with free packs of medical face masks are directly being shipped to more than 100,000 customers over the next 4-5 days. To date, we have already sent out free packs to thousands of customers who will be receiving them this week.

“We have an extensive customer base and cross-border logistics network in North America and Europe, so we believe this is the fastest way to ensure people in need receive these masks quickly. We are encouraging the approximately 100,000 customers who will receive free packs of medical face masks to share them with their neighbours and friends potentially expanding their reach to more than 200,000 families. We want to help our customers help others. In addition, sizable stocks of medical face masks, safety goggles, hand sanitizers, and other related products are already available for purchase on our website and mobile app and can be shipped to customers globally. Our employees are working around the clock to ensure efficient and smooth logistics to ensure these urgently needed medical face masks are distributed quickly. We sincerely hope that the global economy will rebound rapidly and will continue to do our best to support the global fight against COVID-19 in any way we can.”

Source: LightInTheBox

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