Logicbroker Release Cloud-Based eCommerce Platform

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Digital Commerce 360 predicts B2B eCommerce will double by next year. Currently, over 49% of all B2B sales are online. After years of listening and testing, Logicbroker is releasing its platform to the public.

“Logicbroker exists to empower our customers to continue to be innovative. We want to help them develop new business models, generate significant revenue, and continually increase the profitability of their eCommerce solutions. The official release of our B2B drop ship and marketplace solutions is one of the thousands of next steps we will take to help our customers,” Peyman Zamani, Logicbroker’s CEO, said.

Logicbroker’s B2B offerings center around supply chain visibility and B2B marketplace and drop ship capabilities. They’ve focused on bringing automation to the forefront of the industry. The B2B Supply Chain Visibility product allows visibility across the wholesale orders lifecycle and accommodates orders by suppliers.

The B2B Marketplace and Drop Ship products focus on the front end, automating order tracking and providing insights into inventory, price, shipments, vendor performance, and more.

For more information, visit their website at www.logicbroker.com

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