Logistics Automation Market Value to Nearly Double

by Carolyn Mathas

Logistics automation was valued at $55.15 billion in 2019 and is expected to hit $107.84 billion in 2025. Fueling the growth is the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and the emergence of a network of connected systems that is improving operational efficiency by performing such tasks as material batching, picking, ordering, packaging, warehouse security, and inspection.

The forecast stems from a Logistics Automation Market – Growth, Trends, Forecasts (2020 – 2025) Reportlinker report and includes such topics as:

  • How e-commerce drives the need for efficient warehousing and inventory management
  • The convenience and lower costs resulting from automation in warehousing
  • The use of robotics to account for 45% of all manufacturing; and IoT that allows for real-time data transfer, flexible communication, and Big Data analytics.

The report also delves into COVID-19’s impact on business operations, the disruption in supply chain management, and lack of workers—and how logistics automation is playing into recovery. Also discussed are key market trends, global growth, and the competitive landscape

The full report is available for purchase at ReportLinker.

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