Maker Movement: Innovation to Productization

by Nicolette Emmino

The number of technology makers—that is, people using basic electromechanical components to build something new—is increasing, and that increase influences professional electrical design engineers. These innovators are now incorporating products an amateur maker might use, such as a single-board computer or a module, into their innovation process. At the same time, the quality of the tools available to amateur makers is increasing, making it even easier and more cost-effective for professional electrical design engineers to incorporate these tools into their own work. The costs of iteration are lower, and iteration can happen more quickly. It’s also easier than ever before to add sensors and take advantage of code examples to build relatively complex systems without investing a lot of time. All that adds up to a faster track from innovation to product, and it increases opportunities for design engineers looking to bring their ideas to market.

Read the full article to learn about three trends that are changing the way innovations become products.


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