Merlin Labs and Ameriflight Partner on Autonomous Flight

by Rae Beyer

Merlin Labs and Ameriflight penned a deal to equip the cargo airline’s fleet with autonomous and semi-autonomous flight capability, allowing Ameriflight greater long-term growth opportunities.

Ameriflight provides regional cargo aircraft services for UPS, FedEx, and DHL overnight deliveries.  Ameriflight will use Merlin’s technology to complement its current pilot makeup and future-proof its aircraft with early implementation of autonomous capabilities.

Merlin’s sophisticated software and hardware fulfill the functions of a human pilot. The company has flown hundreds of takeoff-to-touchdown missions, performed thousands of simulated test hours, and integrated its platform into four different aircraft types. In September, it became the first company to reach an agreement on an approach for the certification of aircraft autonomy. The industry’s pilot shortage is a major driver for the partnership, as is cost savings.

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