New Tech Enables Creation of Off-the-Shelf PMICs with Different Topologies

by Nicolette Emmino

Today AnDAPT™ announced the release of a portfolio of four new Adaptable Power Management Integrated Circuits (Adaptable PMICs) built on its disruptive AmP™ mixed-signal FPGA platform ICs integrating DrMOS controllers for up to 40A power rails. With this breakthrough technology, AnDAPT enables creation of a multitude of Off-the-Shelf PMICs with entirely different topologies, covering a broad spectrum of customer applications, while relying on a single pre-tested and characterized monolithic AmP mixed-signal FPGA IC.

Adaptable PMICs can be used as-is by customers without any software programming or coding and still offer best-in-class flexibility and time-to-market, eliminating the cost and development time of traditional custom PMICs. The technology unleashes a compelling combination of high performance, small form factor, flexibility and ease of use. Configuration options are available using AnDAPT’s cloud based WebAdapter™ tool.

The AnD7XXX product family uses a compact 5 mm x 5 mm package and a high level of integration in order to provide a best-in-class system solution to power chipset, processor and memory rails. All products incorporate a single phase DrMOS controller (up to 40A), multiple buck converters (10A / 6A), a high current LDO (up to 1A) or load switch (LDSW), 4 general purpose LDOs (up to 200mA) and power management features including fault protection and sequencing.

The Adaptable AnD7XXX family of PMICs includes:

  • AnD7200: One DrMOS controller, two synchronous buck converters (10A each)
  • AnD7220: One DrMOS controller, one synchronous buck converter (10A), one synchronous buck converter (6A), and 2 high current LDOs (1A)
  • AnD7202: One DrMOS controller, one synchronous buck converter (10A), one synchronous buck converter (6A), and two high current (6A each) load switches
  • AnD7122: One DrMOS controller, one synchronous buck converter (10A), two high current LDOs (1A), and two high current load switches (6A each)

“Our new Adaptable PMIC family brings unique topology and unprecedented level of integration capabilities to address different customer applications requirements, while leveraging the AmP IC,” said Zaryab Hamavand, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at AnDAPT. “Now customers have access to a new level of integration in PMICs, which fits their application needs through exceptional flexibility and performance.”

The DrMOS controller and high current synchronous buck regulators are available as power components on AnDAPT’s web-based On-Demand PMIC WebAmP™ tools, allowing users to make desired topology changes, for a fully customized PMIC, built using the AmP mixed-signal FPGA IC, without the cost and development time (zero NRE, no qualification necessary) usually required for custom PMICs.

AnDAPT is uniquely positioned to bring to market the most cutting-edge power management solutions, accompanied by an extensive library of Power Components and topologies. The portfolio includes buck, boost, buck-boost converters, load switches, LDOs, gate drivers, controllers, sequencers and supervisors. Single phase regulators and controller topologies are also offered along with application specific solutions.

“By addressing additional integration capabilities of discrete power devices, standard power management IC and the custom PMIC markets, AnDAPT is expanding its Total Available Market to greater than $5 billion,” added Zaryab. “This technology is disrupting the power device ecosystem, by bringing the performance of existing analog technology and the flexibility of digital programmable fabric, all in one monolithic semiconductor IC.”

Packaging and Availability

The Adaptable product family is offered in QFN packages 5 mm x 5 mm and 8 mm x 8 mm footprint sizes. Initial device offerings (AnD7200, AnD7220, AnD7202 and AnD7122) are available today, in a 5 mm x 5 mm thermally enhanced QFN package. Evaluation boards are also available for ordering on the AnDAPT website for all devices (AnD7200EB, AnD7220EB, AnD7202EB and AnD7122EB).

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