New Virtual Controller Service Helps Manufacturers Overcome Accounting Labor Shortage

by Rae Beyer

The Great Resignation continues, and one of the hardest hit segments of the workforce is accounting. Professionals at all stages of their careers have quit, many looking for higher pay and remote work positions, leaving manufacturing firms scrambling to close their month-end accounts. Global Shop Solutions may have something that will help—Virtual Controller, a new consulting service to help manufacturers complete month-end financials on time.

The immediate goal of the Virtual Controller service is to ensure the recommended month-end processing for customers gets completed on time. Experienced professionals reconcile accounts receivable and payables to the general ledger, process inventory batches and reconciliations, and other end-of-the-month obligations. The Virtual Controller team then analyzes the data to ensure the numbers are correct and generates financial statements and summary reports.

The Virtual Controller team also provides training and education to strengthen ERP skills and the financial acuity of any accounting personnel currently on staff.

“Our mission is to simplify manufacturing so our customers can continue growing their businesses,” says Dusty Alexander, President and CEO of Global Shop Solutions. “Virtual Controller handles routine financial tasks for customers impacted by the labor shortage and analyzes what the numbers mean so they can make the right decisions for their businesses. It’s a financial gamechanger for our customers at a time when we all have to do more with less.”

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