Nitor Makes Public Sector e-Procurement More Efficient in Maryland

by Dawn Allcot

The State of Maryland is about to see improved results and enhanced efficiency in statewide procurement processes. Nitor, a transformation services firm, is in the process of implementing a new e-procurement system for the state, offering a single location for suppliers to review and bid for sourcing.

The system, called eMaryland Marketplace Advantage (eMMA), will allow buyers in the State of Maryland to collaborate with suppliers bidding for contracts, improving quality and transparency. The system maximizes competition by streamlining the procurement process, making it easier for businesses to participate while ensuring all procurements are conducted consistently, efficiently, and impartially.

“eMaryland Marketplace Advantage is much more than the state’s new bid board,” said Lt. Governor Rutherford. “It is an adaptive tool that provides innovation and flexibility over time, fits into our modernization goals of innovation and efficiency, and will help us anticipate future needs. It is a comprehensive procurement and business process transformation.”

Nitor, as a leader in source-to-pay transformation, is well equipped to spearhead the transformation process for Maryland. With a dedicated focus on advisory, consulting, and change management, Nitor begins with assessing the benefits and drawbacks of current systems, benchmarking functionality, and developing a roadmap for improvement. Nitor procurement consulting experts execute the plan across people, processes and technology, ensuring that everything is aligned for maximum results.

Nitor will commence implementation of eMMA immediately, with initial functionality to be available summer 2019. In addition to adding consistency, efficiency, and transparency to procurement processes, eMMA should also make state procurement and business processes more secure and user-friendly for all stakeholders. Stakeholders include, state and local officials, procurement professionals, suppliers, government leaders and citizens.


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