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OLED Smartphone Displays get Higher Frame Rates

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The global smartphone market is growing, and experts expect that 5G smartphones will lead the charge. High frame rate technology is vital for smartphones, as it ensures a smooth, vivid visual experience for users.

According to Omdia, a market research firm, companies will ship nearly 200 million 5G units in 2020 and they will account for 60% of all smartphone shipments by 2023.

MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation announced their new product line today. “The 5G smartphone industry is booming and with our innovative HFR OLED technologies, we will continue to take the lead in developing high-end smartphone DDICs,” said YJ Kim, the Chief Executive Officer of MagnaChip.

MagnaChip is the first company in the world to mass-produce these products, adding to their 2018 120Hz DDIC for FHD+ OLED for smartphones. All of their HFR OLED products support 120 to 144Hz for FHD+ displays or 90 to 120Hz for QHD+ displays.

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