Open Visibility Network

Open Visibility Network delivers next-gen collaboration for shippers and logistics providers

by Carolyn Mathas

The Open Visibility Network is a collaboration between Tive, project44, Fourkites, Everstream Analytics, TransVoyant and MarineTraffic  to launch the first network of shipping insight data sharing across multiple platforms.

Adding greater visibility and shorter cycle times are critical for growth, scalability, and customer confidence in complex global supply chains. Today’s tracking points are insufficient and there is greater demand for tracking business processes, environmental attributes (such as weather and traffic), ETA’s, port conditions, yard management, etc., for greater supply chain efficiency.

Improving on time and in full (OTIF) deliveries and lower rejections and claims on loads is top of mind for shippers, carriers, and logistics pros—and end-to-end visibility is necessary to achieve both. There is a great need for a collaborative model to aggregate data from multiple platforms and systems for quicker time to value for the end customer.

The companies joined forces to create the Open Visibility Network (OVN), making it easy for shippers, 3PLs and carriers to rapidly expand visibility and data insights without adding more applications or switching platforms. For more information on the Open Visibility Network’s insight data, visit

Original Release: PR Newswire 

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