Optimizing Warehouse Workers and Robots Collaboration

by Carolyn Mathas

Lucas Systems and Fetch Robotics announced a partnership to optimize the interaction between warehouse workers and Fetch’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

The goal for Lucas is to address the growth in e-commerce and simultaneous shrinking labor market, helping its customers increase throughput and maintain high worker productivity.

Solutions from Fetch and Lucas will ultimately redistribute the division of warehouse labor. Robots will free up warehouse workers to focus on higher-valued work. In an AMR-supported picking workflow, a worker can avoid a lot of unnecessary walking by picking items to a tote on a Fetch AMR, directing the AMR to a conveyor system to unload, and then triggering another robot to move into place for the worker to continue picking. For more information on the partnership, visit www.fetchrobotics.com

Original Release: Fetch Robotics

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