Oracle’s Patient-Centered Supply Chain Service Helps Healthcare Organizations

by Rae Beyer

With recent supply chain disruptions, the healthcare industry has faced challenges that can cause life-and-death situations due to the unavailability of critical medical supplies. Oracle believes it can help.

“When healthcare organizations face supply chain disruptions, it can be a matter of life or death, and that’s why healthcare teams in particular need reliable, efficient, and connected supply chain management systems,” said Rick Jewell, executive vice president of applications development, Oracle.

Part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (SCM) service, the platform has new industry-focused solutions that support the unique needs of healthcare organizations. The company claims it can optimize planning, automate processes, and enhance supply chain visibility from start to end, all while helping to predict supply shortages, track pricing, replenish orders, and maintain accurate billing, reducing the time administrators must spend managing their supply chain.

 “Connecting inventory and clinical data has the potential to revolutionize how healthcare supply chains operate. With Oracle Cloud SCM, we are delivering new solutions that are purpose-built to give healthcare organizations the supply chain stability and confidence they need to improve patient outcomes,” says Jewell.

Oracle Cloud SCM can help healthcare organizations like hospitals and clinics:

  • Improve standards of care: A new home equipment delivery solution enables healthcare organizations to better assist patients and caregivers outside of the hospital by allowing equipment and maintenance tracking. In addition, product master data management capabilities help healthcare organizations maintain complete patient documentation by providing a unified data source that supports deep integration with electronic health records and clinical attributes.
  • Optimize planning: New solutions help healthcare organizations improve planning and predict demand. They include intelligent shopping experiences and curated product catalogs that simplify shopping for supplies. In addition, intelligent reordering and simplified supply planning capabilities enable hospitals to have equipment and supplies available, even before they are needed, by automating the ordering process.
  • Drive down supply chain costs: New capabilities help healthcare organizations reduce administrative costs and improve profitability by optimizing procurement and supplier management processes. Integrated pricing management and standardized billing capabilities simplify supplier management and enforce compliant spending, while rebate management capabilities streamline complicated supplier rebate programs by increasing visibility and simplifying reconciliation.

Oracle Cloud SCM also helps organizations outside of healthcare with custom solutions for automotive, communications, industrial manufacturing, and retail.

Click here to learn more about how Oracle Cloud SCM can help healthcare organizations seamlessly connect supply chains to create a resilient network.

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