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Polaris Transportation Application Unifies Supply Chain Links

by Carolyn Mathas

Polaris Transportation Group’s Freightlens application was inspired by the company’s digital platform LiFT (Linked insights For Transportation). The platform features multiple layers and unifies independent links to supply chain participants for digital processing.

Polaris provides cross-border shipping of dry goods between the United States and Canada and uses advanced robotics automation. Freightlens is designed to offer seamless integration to the company’s carrier partners, as and clients including shippers, brokers, manufacturers and suppliers, allowing them to connect to the LiFT platform. With LiFT, they can use applications for process documentation, invoicing, real-time status updates, etc., throughout the entire supply chain.

The technology yields a transparent virtual view of freight movements without having to reach out to multiple partners for status updates. This would include additional costs and movement challenges encountered by the freight through its journey and allow for decisions to be made proactively so as to avoid surprises.

Original Source: PR Newswire 

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