Powercast CES Fare: 3D Medical Monitoring Wearables And Robotic Autonomous Price-Changing System

by Carolyn Mathas

Powercast is unveiling several battery-free products powered by its signature RF-based long-range over-the-air wireless power technology at CES 2022. The Powercast helps its partners create environmentally friendly electronic devices either with RF-rechargeable batteries or with no batteries at all, powered by RF.

3D Printable Discreet Wearables for At-Home Medical Monitoring, Diagnosis and Athletic Training – University of Arizona researchers use Powercast’s wireless power technology to keep their discreet wearables charged up 24/7. Custom made using 3D printing and flexible circuits, the devices can be worn anywhere on the body for several months to enable at-home diagnosis, disease management, or to improve athletic training. For more information, visit: https://azpbs.org/horizon/2021/10/researchers-developing-new-device-track-body-conditions/

Batteryless-ESL-Based Robotic Autonomous Price-Changing System – Powercast and Badger Technologies are developing an all-in-one robotic price-changing system prototype. The Robotic RFID Reader and Batteryless Immortal ESL Autonomous Price Changing System improves operational efficiency, saving retailers time, money and batteries. Pairing Powercast’s batteryless ESLs with Badger Technologies’ autonomous robots enables the back office to manage real-time electronic updates for the first time.

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