Prepare for Next Disruption: 10 Analytics Trends for 2022

by Carolyn Mathas

As 2022 begins, we’re all hoping that it is better than the past two years. Here’s what analytics experts from SAS predict:

  • Curiosity moves up in the ranks of job skills
  • COVID rewrites AI models after discovering weaknesses in machine learning systems
  • Fraudsters move in to exploit supply chain challenges
  • Demand signals help those that grasp the “new normal” rescue the supply chain
  • Analytics predicts likely disease outbreaks
  • COVID moved data at the center of clinical research for greater reliance on digital health
  • Livestock monitoring halting disease spread and animal health and welfare increase
  • AI and data literacy continue to fight disinformation—but it’s not a straight lineup
  • Data visibility advances public trust
  • AI ethics standards gain ground

The SAS cites government initiatives will help move more cargo and address supply chain constraints for chemical manufacturers. The industry is urging Congress to pass the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2021 and pass legislation to improve capacity for trucking by increasing the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) on the Federal Interstates and pushing the Surface Transportation Board to allow greater access to competitive and reliable freight rail service.

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