Protect Our Power Sponsors Supply Chain Collaborative

by Carolyn Mathas

Addressing the urgency involved in protecting the U.S. power industry supply chain, the advocacy group Protect Our Power filed comments with the Department of Energy.

The comments were a result of two Supply Chain Collaborative meetings hosted by the advocacy group that included representatives from more than a dozen U.S. investor-owned municipal and public power companies, and experts from the private sector.

Recommendations from the Supply Chain Collaborative group included:

  • Collaborative development of a comprehensive cybersecurity supply chain framework recognizing the differences in utility companies, designed to operate effectively across the varied systems
  • Creation of a list of permitted components and vendors, or a prohibited component list based on the country of origin or product manufacturer based on information sharing
  • Establishing a means to test and evaluate the integrity of components using National Labs and non-governmental organizations to oversee reviews and/or a certification process.
  • Developing a tiered testing process to encourage the evaluation and prioritization of the most critical components first and focus on the most critical risks
  • Considering components that are “restricted”

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