Redefining How to Grow and Deliver Sustainable Produce

by Nicolette Emmino

Shenandoah Growers Logistics creates a new business stream, offers cost-effective refrigerated LTL service across the country

Shenandoah Growers, Inc., an indoor bioponic growing technology company, is redefining how to grow and deliver fresh organic sustainable produce. The company announced its new initiative, Shenandoah Growers Logistics, a refrigerated LTL transportation service that provides affordable shipments coast to coast.

It’s no secret that today’s transportation and logistics industry is challenging. Shenandoah Growers saw an opportunity to leverage our existing fleet capacity and create a new service that offers reliable deliveries and affordable shipments, at any temperature.

“Customers can rest easy knowing their shipments – no matter the size – will arrive where they need to be, on time and in good condition,” said Jeffrey Saunders, Vice President of National Logistics at Shenandoah Growers.

The expanded fleet includes 90 vehicles and more than 100 drivers. The company’s investment in multi-temperature equipment will increase its efficiency with fewer dispatches and ensure products are transported at the correct temperature.

“With distribution to hundreds of retail supermarket distribution facilities and retailers nationwide, our current footprint gives us the size and scale to offer transportation customers a cost-effective alternative for LTL shipments,” added Saunders. “

Shenandoah Growers Logistics currently serves customers nationwide, with plans to expand cross-dock operations in the southeast and northwest regions in 2019 and double its fleet by 2020.

For more information, please visit Shenandoah Growers.

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