Single Wire Aggregation Reduces Connectors on Circuit Boards and Modules

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Lattice Semiconductor Corporation‘s new Single Wire Aggregation (SWA) IP solution reduces the overall size and cost of computing applications for industrial and consumer needs.

The low-power, small-form lattice FPGAs dramatically reduce the connections between boards and modules. This, in turn, increases reliability while lowering the system footprint and overall cost.

“Developers are always looking for innovative ways to simplify and accelerate the development of embedded systems, while still maintaining the lowest BOM cost possible. Our new SWA solution meets all three of these needs by reducing the number of connectors in a system,” said Hussein Osman, Market Segment Manager for Lattice.

The Lattice iCE40 UltraPlus™ FPGA allows developers to implement a single wire interface. This interface aggregates multiple common I/O (I2C, I2S, UART and GPIO) data streams.

Lattice offers the following pre-configured bistreams and is appropriate for both novice and expert developers.

  • Two I2S, an I2C peripheral, an I2C controller, and eight GPIO signals
  • Six I2C controller and two GPIO signals
  • One I2C controller and 12 GPIO signals
  • Three I2C controller, two I2C peripheral, and 15 GPIO signals
  • One I2S, one I2C controller, one I2C peripheral, and eight GPIO signals

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