Skyworks Provides a Solution for WiFi that Enables Facebook’s Oculus Quest

by Nicolette Emmino

Oculus Quest Leverages Fully Integrated SkyOne® Connectivity Solution

Over the past few years, Oculus has become a pioneer in VR gaming with its next-generation headset that features a camera-based positional tracking system and does not require a wired connection to a PC or phone to operate. By leveraging Skyworks’ innovative capabilities, the device delivers real-time wireless connectivity and offers users untethered six degrees of freedom ─ or the ability to move in any direction and walk through virtual space just as they would in the physical world.

Behind the technology that is allowing Facebook’s Oculus Quest to connect players wirelessly to the cloud for a seamless and immersive experience is Skyworks Solutions, with its highly integrated SkyOne® solution for WiFi.

According to a March 2019 research report from IDC, worldwide shipments of augmented and virtual reality headsets are forecast to reach 8.9 million units in 2019, up 54 percent from the prior year. Fueled in large part by new devices like the Oculus Quest, units are expected to reach nearly 69 million by 2023, representing a five-year compounded annual growth rate of 67 percent.


About Skyworks’ Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Skyworks’ fully integrated SkyOne® WiFi solution (SKY85813-11) expedites time-to-market, incorporating all the required functionality to deliver maximum Wi-Fi range and speed including:

  • Dual-band functionality (2 GHz and 5 GHz) front-end module
  • High performance 5 GHz power amplifier transmit and low-noise amplifier enhanced receive paths
  • 2 GHz bulk acoustic wave (BAW) co-existence filter
  • Directional coupler
  • Precision analog switch
  • Fully matched input/output

Please visit Skyworks’ Wi-Fi Connectivity Front-end Modules for more information.

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