Sustainable Supply Chain Leaders Association

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Fishtail is creating an independent organization to define and improve supply chain environmental and social sustainability. The Sustainable Supply Chain Leaders Association (SSCLA) will define sustainable practices for the global trade space, codifying the industry’s future. Their goal? To reduce the carbon footprint of international trade.

At inception, the group had over 30 industry stakeholders from tech companies like EcoCart and Isometric Technologies, as well as transportation providers like Gulf Relay.

“In order to further environmental sustainability and become the Gold Standard for CO₂ emissions reduction in supply chain transportation,” says Fishtail CEO Marc Held, “we need to include everyone in the conversation. Collaboration is key.”

The SSCLA has built a roadmap for 2023, which includes defining sustainable practices. They intend to become impartial aggregators of supply chain industry data and then expand into monitoring commodities transported and hosting annual events where industry leaders can connect and refine the industry.

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