Synkrato Connects Warehouse Digital Twins and AI

by Carolyn Mathas

Synkrato announced a major update to their Digital Twin and slotting solutions that allows Synkrato users to connect a warehouse digital twin to the slotting engine and perform slotting and re-slotting using digital twins.

The company is harnessing transformative technologies and simplifying them to provide supply chain resilience and innovation. The simplification comes from streamlining operations while not requiring an ever-higher level of IT skills to use technological advances. Connecting Synkrato Digital Twin to the adaptive slotting algorithm, businesses gain real-time warehouse efficiency through a user-friendly interface while avoiding managing slotting algorithms via spreadsheet—which is error-prone and time consuming.

The new Synkrato version automatically recommends where to find, store, and relocate inventory within a warehouse. The digital twin sends data to slotting, like inventory location, distances, sales history, personnel, and stock levels, in real-time, using the data to provide slot recommendations for all incoming and outgoing orders in real-time, removing bottlenecks, recommending optimal pick paths, and streamlining put away.

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